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eBook Learning to Make Music with GarageBand

Use the Mac’s built-in music production software GarageBand to compose and record music!

This time we are going to introduce GarageBand, a music production software built into Mac computers. There are many convenient softwares in the Mac’s iLife series, including iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. GarageBand is a music production software designed and developed by Mac. Compared with Logi Pro or Pro Tools, GarageBand can be said to be a fairly simple software. Although GarageBand’s features are very streamlined, most of the features are there. GarageBand has more creative space than the software that uses Loop to piece together music. You can use it to edit a set of jazz drums, even recording piano MIDI and electric guitar.

This eBook not only will introduce the use of GarageBand, it also teach the music from the beginning from music notation, Chord, Keys, the basic instrumentation of the song and combining those to create a song with GarageBand

This eBook for – Composer – Arranger – Recording software training course for beginners interested in music creation.

Part 1 – Basic Theory

1. Music Notation

2. Scales

3. Time Signature

3. Key Signature

4. Chords

5. Chord Inversion

6. Chord Progression & Cadence

7. General Composition Tips

Part 2 – Digital Recording MIDI & GarageBand

1. Digital MIDI

2. Music Production Hardware

3. Arrange Windows

4. Edit Windows

5. Record and Editing Software instrument

Part 3 – Arrangement

1. AABA Song

2. Drum Part

3. Bass Guitar

4. Piano/Keyboard

5. String Arrangement